ArrDee – JD Giveaway

  • Artist: ArrDee
  • Song name: JD Giveaway
  • Genre: Hip-hop/Rap
  • Released: 2022

The multi-talented rapper & song writer ArrDee dishes out this wonderful studio single titled “JD Giveaway” which serve as one of his rated song and we made the track available for free download here on our website.

This track has a sweet melody, and as a music lover, it’s recommended to be added to your playlist. Please remember to drop your comment about the song below.

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ArrDee – JD Giveaway LYRICS

Ah, ah ArrDee, ArrDee
Ey, ah

[Verse 1]
They don’t wanna see you shine
‘Cause they see you shine, but don’t see you grind
I was 14 with weed and a line
Cah didn’t have p but I needed a dime
Told mandem I wouldn’t leave them behind
If I ever get there, got the team in the ride
Then I see set’ man creep on the sly
I don’t need to remind them, I’ve been on their mind
Still feeding the guys
Whenever I can cah they’ve been with me from the start
Know how it feels when you’ve been on your arse
Can’t believe they’re labelling me as a plant
Got me conflicted
Cah that means in the scene all they’re seeing is Ardz
Great, but trust me, you see what I want you to see
And you never saw me on the graft
Never saw mumzy leaving the yard cah we couldn’t pay rent with a tear in her eye
Never saw me tryna network, get a set, merk
But they didn’t wanna see little guy
I was in colly when I first met Bigz, we were beefing he’d argued with me all the time
‘Cause he told me that I could get big
In the place I was in, couldn’t see to the light
Now it’s tunnel vision
Roll to the shubz with the boys and I leave with a dozen women
Placed in the game, are you fuckin’ kidding?
I had to tell Karl I was gonna kill it
He’s my manager
I think it’s because of the calibre
Way I came in the scene, straight damager
I’m leavin’ no crumbs, I’m a scavenger
I wasn’t badding up boys, I was wrapping up
Anyone I’m in the room with, I had to be better than them
That’s the mindset that I work with, I started working late, never wrap up at 10
I was sleeping in the studio way before kudos, back don’t need patting from them
That’s why I laugh when I see that they’re talkin’
As long as they’re talkin’, I’m happy and blessed

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