ArrDee – Poundcake Freestyle (Drill)

  • Artist: ArrDee
  • Song name: Poundcake Freestyle (Drill)
  • Genre: Hip-hop/Rap
  • Released: 2022

The multi-talented rapper & song writer ArrDee dishes out this wonderful studio single titled “Poundcake Freestyle (Drill)” which serve as one of his rated song and we made the track available for free download here on our website.

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ArrDee – Poundcake Freestyle (Drill) Lyrics

Ahh-ahh, ArrDee, ArrDee
Look, ahh, ahh

Look at the way life changed and I feel no way
‘Cause the real stay real and the fake stay fake
I needed a mil’ so I made my plate
I would steal my food if I had no change, I was born this way
I would storm the stage if they weren’t tryna save my place
Got a flawless game and a great mind state
Now I fornicate both girl, I don’t date ’cause my face bait
I would say “would you love me if I didn’t have this fame?”
But you probably would with the way I play
The way I taste, the why I walk, the why I talk
The energy I step into the room with
Bare man spark me but want me to loss it
Bare fake love here but I ain’t stupid
The real stay around me, I fuck with the movement
So what pill are you choosin’, the red or the blue ting?
Are you keepin’ it movin’ or sleepin’ and snoozin’?
Are you makin’ it happen or wish you could do things?
I be in the lab, creatin’ fusions
Bringin’ in man, the crew stay glued in
One of ’em mad, the whole team’s fumin’
Don’t push buttons, I’m on no madness
But it takes one button, end the discussion
A girl can’t move mad when you don’t bring shit when you’re back
End the discussion
You can’t give me chat but [?] where I’m at, end the discussion
My ex girl baffed ‘casue I’ve come from nothing
It’s straight from the flat to the tippity-top of the plant
I was sixteen with this talent
Bare drive but no control of the wheel, I spun it
It took one man just to help me plan it
Before I knew that I had it, [?] savage
A real man deals with the damage he got and he channels it to get a bag in
So let’s have it ’cause little man [?] little [?]
And the weed in my bag just by twistin’ the bars
I come through with the dargs, I was within the car
With a fake place, liquir [?]
[?] couldn’t vacay, anyone
It’s bigger than ArrDee then bars than me
It’s champions time for the whole army
Ask any one ’round me how real this little young man is
But I still sport [?], I don’t do trends, give a fuck ’bout drip
I’ve always been mouthy but now it’s the mic where I talk my shit
I’ve been TBC before it was me and I was tryna buss my CT
When everyone fucked with me but didn’t wanna fuck with me
Struggling days, [?] was sticky and I was all stuck up in my self pitty
Now I’m up and it’s litty for realli, the chickies are pretty
They wanna take picies, I’m lovin’ the women but lost in the feelin’ like something is missin’
What the fuck am I mounin’ for like I didn’t just open doors
I play girls but I want me a wife, take yours and I’m on ’bout whores
I ain’t well when I write, gotta go to a place where you don’t want tours
I do well with goodbyes but I get lonely, still I cut ties short
I’m gone

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